Get your information from someone who didn’t learn about survival from a book.

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There are many books out there on all the different aspects of preparedness and survival that can provide you with information, checklists, and theoretical solutions to potential problems. But no matter how much you read or how well-researched the books you choose are, there’s only so much you can take away from these tomes.

Getting your information from someone who has survived a “sh*t hit the fan” crisis will take your preparedness to an entirely different level. Meet Selco, a legend in the preparedness world. He survived in a city that was under siege for more than a year. He had no power, no running water, no stores for supplies, and every day, he ran the risk of meeting a violent death, whether by shells, sniper fire, or a person intent on hurting others.

This book is a collection of memories from the darkest days of the Balkan War, where each moment could have been his last. This isn’t a cheerful and uplifting guide to survival. There’s no misplaced optimism.

There’s only Selco, the darkness he faced, and the grim reality of an SHTF scenario most of us can’t even fathom. But if you can grasp it all before it happens, you’ll be much further ahead than those who are frozen in shock.

Urban Survival Course for Women

May 8-12, 2020

Have you thought about what you would do if all hell broke loose when you were away from home? Or maybe you live in the city to start with – and you know how ugly things can get – and how fast they can get there. As a woman, a mother, a daughter, you know that sometimes when things go bad you can only depend on yourself. Sharpen the instincts and skills you need to survive an urban disaster or everyday threat in this life-changing course for women only.

Selco is a regular contributor to where he writes about what it really takes to survive the SHTF. 

Looking for a place to chat with like-minded preppers and survivalists? Grab your beverage of choice, and visit the forum.

The Dark Secrets of SHTF Survival

The Brutal Truth About Violence, Death, and Mayhem You Must Know to Survive. 

The SHTF Anthology
The 2nd SHTF Anthology

Selco’s Survival Lessons from the Balkan Wars 

Get all of his articles in one place

2-Book Bundle


Get Selco’s original course and get a glimpse of the living hell that he survived.. Learn what it was really like to fight for your life every day for a year.


If you want to be truly prepared and learn practical skills that make you a wolf among the sheep then this is the course you MUST take.

SHTF Stories Volume 1
SHTF Stories Volume 2

Selco’s memories are not only stories that exceed any disaster fiction you can find, but also lessons to be better prepared

2-Book Bundle

SHTF Stories Volume 3: Memories from the Balkan War

In this volume, Selco shares never-before-published stories and memories from life under siege.